Rob Hardy (Director of Photography)

ROB HARDY (Director of Photography) is emerging as one Britain’s hottest Cinematographers. He emerged from the U.K.’s Sheffield film and music scene. His first short film as director and DP was PUFFERFISH, which received a BAFTA award nomination. In addition to being a prolific lenser for commercials, Hardy has, to date, shot six features including THE FIRST GRADER, most recently working in Albania on Joshua Marstons “UNTITLED ALBANIA PROJECT” for Journeyman Pictures. His credits include Elliot Lester’s BLITZ, and the award-winning RED RIDING: 1974, DOGGING: A LOVE STORY, EXHIBIT A, the horror film JELLY DOLLY, which won a special award in Berlin in 2004, and John Crowley’s highly-acclaimed telefilm “BOY A”, starring Peter Mullan, for which Hardy won a BAFTA.