Richard Harding (Producer)
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 5:56AM
The First Grader

Producer Richard Harding is President and CEO of Sixth Sense Productions; a Film and Television production company. Richard  studied film at UCLA and has worked in the film industry for over 10 years with companies such as BBC Films, Kennedy/Marshall, Silver Lion Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

“My goal is to create a multifaceted and integrated company that brings the most original, innovative and captivating stories of our time to the big screen.” As the Company’s CEO, his philosophy is “to create feature films that are of the highest caliber, have significant mainstream appeal and great commercial potential, while also maintaining an extraordinary level of critical excellence.”

Richard’s greatest and proudest accomplishment to date, is producing THE FIRST GRADER.

Richard is also President and Chairman of End Malaria Now, a non-profit organization that helps raise life-saving bed nets for African families to end the spread of malaria; he continues to help rebuild a continent stricken with malaria - the Number One killer disease of children in Africa.

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